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Spain Tourist Information

Travel Guide

As one of the most popular holiday destinations for many Europeans the main tourist areas of the Costa's can become busy during the summer season but with many miles of sun filled coastline there is more than enough for everybody to see and do. Exploring a few miles outside the hotel complexes opens up a whole new country of great food and wine that is just waiting to be found. The Spanish enjoy an excellent climate and lifestyle that many wish to experience if only for thier annual holiday, the holiday villas in Spain on this site will allow you to immerse yourself in the life style and hopefully leave you wanting more.

Social Spain

Spending a long time in Spain you will see a different culture and way of life than you are used too, exploring away from the tourist areas and experience the life style that attracts many people to move to Spain to enjoy this relaxed way of life. Spain is one of the safest countries in Spain with a family orientated nature it will not be uncommon to see kids running around till late into the night out socialising with the whole family but special care should be taken in the major cities as you would do anywhere as there will always be pickpockets around who can spot a tourist a mile away. It is well worth trying to catch a few fiestas during your stay where the whole town comes out to celebrate with food and drink flowing from local suppliers, stalls and precessions a memorable visit could include the Guaro Luna Mora where the town is illuminated with candles giving a magical experience.

Facts and Figures

Capital: Madrid
Language: Spanish is the main language of the country with many regions having regional languages Catalonia and Balearic islands has Catalan, Valencia has Valencian with the Basque and Navarra regions has Basque and the Galicia area has Galician, English is the main second language taught in schools which is widely spoken within the tourist regions.
Currency: Spain's only currency is use is the Euro.
Climate: the weather in Spain can vary due to the size of the country from the mediteranean south but with local variations with cooling winds along the Costa de la Luz. The central southern areas can become very hot during the summer without the cooling coastal winds to brind the temperature down. The northern areas have a much milder climate which can be much more comfortable to visit in the summer months of you do not like the high temperatures of the costa's but will get snow during the winter.
Public Holidays: January 1st New Year's Day, January 6th Epiphany, March 19th San Jose, April 9th Maundy Thursday, April 10th Good Friday, May 1st Labour Day, August 15 Assumption, October 12th National Day, November 1st All Saints Day, December 6th Constitution Day, December 8th Immaculate Conception, December 25th Christmas Day.

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Useful Information

Opening Hours;
Business Hours,
Mon - Fri 09:30 - 13:30, 16:30 - 20:00, you will find most of the large shopping centres and supermarkets are now open all day with most tourist areas also open during the day. Night life around the weekends does not get going until later in the evening and will go on well into the next morning.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

European Energency Number 112

Additional Information

Electricity is 220 volt alternating current, plugs and sockets are European standard with two round pins.

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