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'Stunningly beautiful and genuinely friendly country'

Every year, around March, my partner and I sit down to plan our summer holiday. I have always liked to consider myself to be adventurous, but in reality I am not, so when my partner suggested Croatia I was initially hesitant; after all this country was ravaged by the effects of a civil war that ended just 15 years ago, a direct result of the country's new found independence from the now defunct Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. I was soon to discover that my perception of Croatia could not have been further from the truth, it was without a doubt the most stunningly beautiful and genuinely friendly country that I have visited in Europe, and trust me when I say that I have been to many places in Europe!

We booked to stay in a small town named Poreč for 7 days on the western coast of the Istrian Peninsula, a resort we chose after hearing that it had been deemed the top resort by the Croatian National Tourist Office, we decided to travel in July as this is the hottest time of the year in Croatia with temperatures reaching over 30 degrees Celsius. Upon arrival we found a delightful little town with a wealth of facilities including shopping and entertainment areas, and breathtaking views out to the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea. A visit to the Old Town on the second day was to be the highlight of our trip, this area of the town is around 2000 years old and features architecture which is akin to that found in historic Italy and is reminiscent in parts to small towns in Southern France, with its delightful winding cobbled streets and old stone buildings. The Old Town is heritage and culture rich, something which is evident in the many museums and galleries that are hosted in palaces and even houses.

I truly recommend visiting the religious monuments in Poreč , which are listed by the World Heritage Centre due to them being the most complete surviving complex of their type; these are the basilica cathedral, the atrium, the baptistery and the Episcopal palace. The basilica itself combines classical and Byzantine elements. There truly is something for everybody in Poreč, for the evening there are delightful restaurants serving a wide variety of world cuisines, delightful little bars and a wealth of leisure facilities for tourists including sports and fitness clubs and spa baths. As for my partner and I, we have unfinished business with Croatia and will be returning to explore more of this wonderfully rich and pleasant country, next time we will be staying for 14 days and plan to visit the capital city of Zagreb as well as more of this countries rich coastline. If you are planning a trip to Europe any time soon, be sure to place this country towards the top end of your list!
by Ryan Kett

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