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'Truly one of my best experiences'

As a native Texas I was weary to ever leave the US. I was frightened to go to another place, another country. In College, I got my opportunity to do just that during a mission trip with our local church. And I am so blessed now that I did. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life. We went to Croatia and visited the city of Dubrovnik. I have many memories of my time spent there but these are my favorites. The people are kind. The atmosphere holy.

Dubrovnik Square of the Loggia. The square is the lifeblood of Dubrovnik and is the most active place in Dubrovnik. Here you will find locals conversing as well as the infamous Bells. These bells were used to warn the townspeople of unrest. There is also a clock tower from the 15th century as well as the famous Orlando column, which makes for an ideal meeting place.

Dubrovnik Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a magnificent Baroque building designed by Andrea Buffalini. Priceless paintings by world famous artists adorn the walls of this masterpiece of a building. It is beautifully decorated and holds a unique feeling of holiness. The Cathedral Treasury is home to many Christian artifacts, including a small piece of the cross that Jesus was crucified on. The treasury also houses gold and silver pieces that are rare and unique from places all over the World. Be sure to add this one as a definite sight to see. Address: Kneza Damjana Jude1 Dubrovnik, Dalmatia Croatia

Pile gate is one of two entrances into the Lapad area of Dubrovnik. It used to have a moat and drawbridge but throughout the years, those have been turned into a beautiful walkway and the moat a peaceful garden. Be sure to check out a door that dates back to 1460 and the statue of St. Blaise carved by famous Croatian Ivan Mestrovic.

The City Walls are probably what Dubrovnik is most famous for. These walls offer excellent views of the Adriatic and the old town center. These famous walls are 19 feet thick and were built in the 10th century. They provided a solid defense to the people of Dubrovnik. The length of the wall is 6,390 feet and is a great place to take a stroll. Make sure that you visit the two towers and two forts for the awesome views. There is an admission charge and the main entrance is just to the left of the Pile gate.

The Big Fountain of Ononfrio is one of the most famous and most visited sites in Dubrovnik. This monument was originally a two story fountain but lost its second story due to an earthquake, which heavily damaged most of the city. This fountain was built in 1438-1444 and was originally used as the city's water supply system. It moved water from the Dubrovacka river. This masterpiece was designed by Onfario de la Cava and can be seen in the square once you pass the Pile gate.

Another interesting place to visit is the Dubrovnik Franciscan Monastery. This building holds one of the most important libraries in all of Croatia. The Pharmacy has been in use since 1317 and houses many oddities, including decorated jars with mysterious contents. This building took a century to build and was almost completely demolished in the earthquake that destroyed the second story of the Ononfrio fountain. It was rebuilt and looks the same today as the day it was originally built. Address: Placa 2 Dubrovnik, Dalmatia Croatia

by Julia Miller

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